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  • Digitrax DS64 Quad Stationary Decoder

    Digitrax Digitrax DS64 Quad Stationary Decoder

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    Allows you to install and operate up to four turnouts directly through any DCC system that has turnout control. Works with solenoid turnout machines and slow motion motors. Other features include easy installation, LocoNet compatible, integral capacitor discharge, power from track or separate booster and buffered switch inputs. DCC compatible.

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  • Last stock! Digitrax BXPA1 Auto-Reverser -- Includes Detection, Transponding and Power Management

    Digitrax Digitrax BXPA1 Auto-Reverser -- Includes Detection, Transponding and Power Management

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    The Digitrax BXPA1 is a combination DCC auto-reverser, occupancy detector, transponding detector and intelligent power manager. It is designed to make transponding implementation easy and provide advanced DCC track management by communicating all state information to LocoNet. The BXPA1 is silent, solid state and uses no mechanical relays for auto-reversing.  Automatic reversing for one reversing section or sub-district. DCC occupancy detection for one auto-reversing section lets you know when equipped rolling stock is in a detection section on your layout. Integrated transponding zone lets you know the location of transponder-equipped locos or rolling stock. Intelligent automatic short-circuit and over-current power management, improves reliability by avoiding most booster shutdowns. Connects to LocoNet to transmit detection section occupancy, transponding and track power information. Detects most powered locomotives in a detection section. Detects rolling stock equipped with resistor wheel sets. Identify where specific rolling stock is on your layout with Digitrax transponder-equipped locos and rolling stock. Plug and play with Digitrax DCC systems. LED indication of detection section occupancy, transponding, power status, and reversing section status. Additional connections for opto-isolated occupancy detector output, manual power control, and remote status indicator. Easy-connect, pluggable track wire terminal blocks can plug-in straight or at right angles. Operations mode read back allows you to read CV values of decoders equipped with transponders when on track. Firmware update capability via IPL over LocoNet.

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