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  • BWH-BXM-0030, BowHouse RC X-Maxx SVT 8mm Spur Shaft (Black) BWH-BXM-0030, BowHouse RC X-Maxx SVT 8mm Spur Shaft (Black)

    BowHouse RC BWH-BXM-0030, BowHouse RC X-Maxx SVT 8mm Spur Shaft (Black)

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    The Bowhouse X-Maxx SVT 8mm Spur Shaft is an optional upgrade for the stock X-Maxx cush drive spur gear system. This 8mm Spur Shaft makes it easy to switch to standard, readily available 8mm pinions as spur gears, giving you plenty of options for Mod 1 and Mod 1.5 gears. Installation is quick and easy whether you are running the stock motor and mount or an aftermarket setup, and the hardened steel shaft is tough enough to take the abuse. NOTE: Gears not included. Installation: Remove spur gear cover (if applicable) and input gear cover and save all existing hardware. Remove both bearings, transmission input gear and input gear pin from stock spur shaft. Install 8mm pinion onto SVT shaft in the middle of the section with the machined flat. Finger tighten set screws. Slide 1 bearing onto narrow end of SVT shaft. Slide spacer sleeve onto SVT shaft. Line up holes for gear pin in spacer and shaft and insert pin. Slide input gear onto SVT shaft around pin. Slide second bearing onto end of SVT shaft and install shaft assembly into chassis. Reinstall input gear cover. Adjust spur gear so that it is centered with pinion, add thread lock to set screws and tighten. Reinstall spur gear cover (if applicable). Includes: (1) 8mm spur shaft (1) Spacer sleeve

    3 in stock


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