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Caloosa Trains And Hobbies R/C Park Rules

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(Updated: 7/29/2022)

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Caloosa Trains And Hobbies R/C Park Reserves the Right to Update these Rules

  1. Upon arrival to R/C Park - please register at front desk before bringing all of your gear in. Parking behind building for racers is prefered - pit areas are right inside the REAR doors.
  2. Once you've been checked in to the R/C Park, a wrist band is given to you. The wrist band must remain on your wrist for the entirity of your visit at the R/C Park.
  3. This is a family friendly facility. Foul language, alcohol and smoking are prohibited. Smoking allowed outdoors.
  4. The Only Entrance is the front door.
  6. Racers and marshals must wear closed toe shoes.
  7. Do not run. This includes marshals.
  8. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Respect your fellow racers, marshalls, race director, spectators and staff.
  9. LiPo bags must be used when charging.
  10. Battery temperatures not to exceed 110 degrees.
  11. Body post must be cut down to no more than 5mm above the body.
  12. Wheel axles must not have exposed threads.
  13. Sharp edges on chassis, bodies and wings must be rounded.
  14. If your body shows signs of rubbing, raise or cut the body. Bodies that are audibly and visibly dragging, rubbing or digging into the carpet will be black flagged.
  15. Wheel wells for all 4 wheels must be cut out.
  16. All cars must conform to appearance, radio, general, battery and motor rules and comply with the ‘spirit’ of your class. All decisions of the track/race director organizing a race concerning appearance and 'spirit' are final.
  17. Missing the driver's meeting will result in you starting at the back of the grid for the main you qualified.
  18. No soft pack batteries in vehicles.
  19. Remove excess traction compound before setting your car on the track.
  20. Pit Mats must be used.
  21. The Race Track is one way.
  22. The Race Director has the final say.
  23. Minimum of 3 cars to run a class.
  24. Keep your pit space free from litter.
  25. Tech failure will result in loss of qualifying effort or main result.
  26. It is your responsibility to marshal the next race. If you cannot marshal, it is your responsibility to find an alternative. Marshals must be 14 years or older.

(Updated: 7/29/2022)


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